About Our Company

Light and Green have a combined experience in the lighting and electrical industries. The products we offer, all use environmentally green materials, which allows us to achieve the trim less finished look that our products are known for world wide.
At our Los Angeles branch, the office is equipped with its own in house design team that is capable of creating all kinds of various lighting designs and concepts.

Light and Green thrives on providing its community with a type of customer service that has set itself apart from all other companies.
At Light and Green the phone lines are always open, with our friendly staff always ready, willing, and able to help with anything involving the products we provide.

The Factory

As of today, the factory exports to 80 countries around the world, The factory which has 100 employees who handle the manufacturing, along with 20 administrators and engineers, is capable of producing 12,000 units per day. The manufacturing process in the factory begins with casting the plaster and ends with shipping the product to clients. The entire process is done manually and under the supervision of the factory’s inspection department.

Our factory is a leading manufacturer of high quality lighting products, for domestic and commercial applications. With 16 years of experience in the lighting field, our extensive product range includes Plaster wall sconces, Plaster surface mount fixtures, Plaster Pendants, Plaster recessed down lights, Plaster wall recessed, Concrete decorative wall sconces and concrete pendant light fixtures. We are always developing new products and researching new technologies so we can provide our clients with the latest advances in lighting.

The Material

The plaster contains gypsum, which is a natural material that doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful substances. Gypsum is a recyclable material that is superior to other materials like steel. It is considered as a green product, as the process to recycle it is friendly to the environment.

Using gypsum reduces the amount of material that is harvested from the earth. It’s mining process requires less energy and resources, and therefore the damage to the land is minor compared to harvesting other materials. Gypsum, being a soft material, does not require the use of explosives or large tools during its mining process.


Today, there are many different and various kinds of lighting fixtures out there. There are so many, that sometimes we find it hard to decide which one is best for our needs. One of the main factors that guides us while choosing a lightning fixture is the protection of our environment, especially in a time where global warming is a big issue in all of our lives around the world.

A new phenomena in the world of lighting fixtures is getting more and more attention: LED lighting. There are two major concepts that lead to the development of this technology, huge energy savings and the protection of our environment. During its first days, LED technology was used by the US Military, but over time its many advantages were discovered, and over the years it was used for personal needs and gained vast popularity.

LED lighting is based on semiconductor crystals that are called Diodes. The light that these crystals are emitting require a very small amount of energy, and in fact, light fixtures based on LED technology require only about a third to one tenth of the energy that common tungsten based lighting fixtures require. We would like to point out that the amount of energy required for LED lighting is about half the energy required for fluorescent lighting, which is known as an energy efficient technology.

Another advantage of LED lighting is that the bulbs have a longer life expectancy. A LED light bulb will work on average for 35,000-50,000 hours. The regular fluorescent light bulb, however, will work for 2,500-4,500 hours. Ignition time is also an important difference between LED lights and other kinds of lighting. LED based lighting fixtures will ignite within a few micro seconds, while other light bulbs, neon for example, will ignite after a much longer time.

A significant advantage of LED lighting is concealed within the intensity of the light that the LED based lighting fixtures produce. It is visibly clear that the light intensity that is emitted by the LED light is much stronger than any other light.

The light that is produced with LED technology is in the short spectrum, which is why this kind of technology allows the creation of lights in different colors, without adding any filters that are common with other types of lights. Considering all of the advantages that were mentioned so far, it is easy to understand why LED lighting has, and still is, becoming so popular. Who wouldn’t like to have a light bulb that will emit more light, live for a much longer time, and save energy?